Animal conservation volunteering

Animal conservation volunteering allows you to help an incredibly worthwhile cause. Volunteer in the UK and abroad with animals to help promote the quality of life of many endangered or mistreated species. We work closely with leading and influential animal welfare projects and NGOs, promoting conservation and charity work. Get a rewarding experience as a conservation volunteer with jobs working with animals from birds to bears to lions, elephants to orangutans, or turtles to monkeys.

We are delighted when people join our team and a warm welcome is given to all volunteers whether new to The Animal Project or returning friends. There are always new activities to get involved in, interesting skills to learn and likeminded people to meet.

Easy to join us – The Animal Project has projects across the UK and offer a range of activities suitable for all levels of experience and fitness. Keeping you safe and equipped we are committed to keeping you safe while you work with us. You will be supported by a fully trained leader, receive safety briefings and the tools and protective clothing needed to do the job.

Volunteering with The Animal Project offers everyone the opportunity to learn new skills and make a difference to their community and it also offers real benefits to your health and wellbeing too.

We currently have no volunteer positions available

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